Swimming Pool 
Crack Repair

Don’t let cracks ruin your pool!

The ground is always shifting slightly, and over time, these undetectable movements can cause cracks in your pool walls, steps or floor and should be repaired as soon as you notice them as cracks can spread!

We at SCUBA REPAIR are experts in UNDERWATER CRACK REPAIRS – so no pool draining is necessary – the most cost effective and eco-friendly way !

SCUBA REPAIR can get your pool back into pristine shape in JUST 1 DAY !

Swimming pool leak and underwater crack repair will not only save you from a huge water bill, but it is also more eco-friendly as there is no water wastage, no new chemical start-up treatment and most importantly will keep your pool in perfect condition.

Whatever surface of your pool is cracked, we at SCUBA REPAIR have the professional and appropriate solution to all your pool related problems.

For all our work we only use our very own high quality hydraulic cement which is far superior than any other products you can buy on the market.

Contact us now at SCUBA REPAIR! We guarantee you a professional high quality repair, at very competitive rates.

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