Tiling & Re-Grouting

Using scuba diving equipment, we at SCUBA REPAIR replace missing, loose, broken or rust damaged tiles as well as also areas affected by rust either from the re-bar underneath the concrete or maybe by a metal object fallen in the pool.

We chip out all the old cement first (and re-bar if required), then we replace that with our own underwater hydraulic cement which also acts as a grout leaving a nice white finish.

At SCUBA REPAIR we will repair as little as one tile or various big patches up to the whole wall and if necessary your entire pool – there is no job too little or too big for us !

Cracked and chipped steps can present a hazard to pool goers. Water soaked feet can be badly cut if plaster steps or plastic instep wall ladders are jagged or sharp.

Our replacement techniques allow you to avoid this danger and any injuries. Please let us repair your pool steps!

We use our very own high quality hydraulic cement for all of our work – which is far superior than any products you can buy on the market.

By choosing SCUBA REPAIR – All executed work is guaranteed! We are so confident in the quality of our work that if for some reason one of our tiles comes off, we will come back and repair it free of charge.

Get in contact with us today SCUBA REPAIR your expert which gives you confidence !

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