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SCUBA REPAIR specialises in performing underwater pool repairs WITHOUT DRAINING YOUR POOL!

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We use only the best and highest quality products – specialised in hydraulic cements in order to guarantee the most efficient and best underwater work with warranty!


We get the job done within 1 DAY!

Our Services

SCUBA REPAIR our mission is simple: to provide the best high-quality service to our valued clients and this begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. We complete projects efficiently and on schedule.

About Our Company

Fast, efficient and honest – SCUBA REPAIR – has become a reputable and well known company providing high-quality services in a timely manner, always at fair prices and exceptional customer service!

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Our Services

We are happy to help with any issues you may have with your Swimming Pool.

Rebar Repair &
Rust Stain Removal

Do you have rusty stains in your concrete pool? It’s likely coming from the steel reinforcing bar, often called the rebar, that is inches below the surface of the concrete.

Crack Repairs

Cracks can appear in any area of your swimming pool. Luckily, the pool experts at SCUBA REPAIR can get your pool back into pristine shape in JUST 1 DAY !

Underwater Tiling &

Using scuba diving equipment, we replace missing, loose, broken or rust damaged tiles; also areas affected by rust either from the re-bar underneath the concrete or maybe by a metal object fallen in the pool.

Dye Test & Leak Repair

Does it seem to you as though your pool might be leaking? Slow leaks can frustrate homeowners, who keep adding more water and feel unsure as to whether the problem is actually a leak or simply evaporation under the hot sun, particularly in the summer.

Main Drain Replacement &
Drain Covers

Main drains are one of our most important pool repairs! An incorrect main drain cover and frame can be extremely life-threatening. We can install main drains and covers that will ensure safety for you and your family.

Pool Lights

We can repair your lights. Our engineers always carry in their vans any new parts that may be required, including bulbs and seals.

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